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Star Wars: The Ashes of Jedha Comic Series Moments!

The Rebels return to Jedha to stop the Empire from sifting through the ashes for every last kyber crystal. This story has some amazing connections to Rogue One.

I love Rogue One!


These Crazy Things

These really cool looking creatures I remember seeing in Rogue One concept art and that Galactic Atlas book. I was really happy to finally see them show up in a story!

Also, I have just discovered they are called: Spamels.

Space. Camels.


Jedha’s Tears

Connecting with the Partisans on the nearby planet of NaJedha the Rebels bear witness to the destruction caused by the Death Star. The falling debris from the dying moon is called “Jedha’s Tears” by a Partisan named Chulco. A would-be Disciple of the Whills who no longer has a temple to worship.

The Consultant

How exactly are the Imperials going to mine a devastated moon? With the help of Queen Trios of Shu-Torun, who’s entire culture is built upon mining in the most inhospitable conditions. Oh and this really savage Imperial officer guy who has a cyborg arm with a flamethrower.

That’ll probably come in “handy” later…


Leading the last of the Partisans on NaJedha is Benthic Two-Tubes. Who fought beside Saw and his eggmate Edrio. Benthic stays for vengeance. He’s come a long way since his days as a Cloud Rider.


After the rebels destroy one of the Imperial mining machines Queen Trios brings out the big guns.

Mission Briefing

A lot of memories and connections to Rogue One happen in this series. Leia remembers the last words she was given from her father.

Luke Joins a Cult

Luke Joins Chulco as the Force leads them to the last temple of the Central Isopter. There the cultists worship death at the edge of the blast crater on Jedha.

It is quite metal.

Rogue One

Luke, new to the rebellion, learns the story of Jyn Erso and Rogue One. Here is where he begins to understand the price, responsibilities, and hope everyone places on each other. Leia, as always, explains it best.

Captain Solo

Han Solo befriends a Partisan leader named Ubin, who was formerly alliance but returned home to Jedha and the Partisans after The Battle of Yavin. Han too, begins to accept the weight of leadership placed on him.


When sneaky Leia finally comes face to face with Queen Trios we’re all shocked with the offer.

Except Threepio.

Threepio is elated for diplomacy.

Save the Dream

In the aftermath as Leia and her crew head back to the Alliance, Benthic and the remaining Partisans vow to stay. Guardians of Jedha no matter what.

The Medal

Han bestows Ubin with his Medal of Bravery for her actions during the battle!

Or does he…?

Hope is Not yet Lost

This is one of my favorite runs from the Star Wars (2015-2019) series because it really brings the events of Rogue One into our classic heroes purview in a dramatic and bittersweet way. Having Luke really understand the sacrifices Jyn, Cassian, K2, Bodhi, Baze, and Chirrut made. Not only that, but seeing the aftermath on Jedha and the devastation wrought by the Empire is important. It hardens our heroes resolve and their faith in hope. Rogue One fought so that they would have a chance. This comic arc is a must-read for any Rogue One fan!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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