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Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Comic Series Moments!

Doctor Aphra is on a new job for some old tech! Alyssa Wong once again blesses us with Aphra wit, laughs, and danger! The art style is energetic and expressive. That Aphra energy is really something wonderful and the art is so important in amplifying that originality.

I’m a little confused as to where this arc exactly ends since War of the Bounty Hunters is starting up with the next issue but I’m just gonna go ahead and keep all the crossover stuff together and cover these issues for now!


Wheelin’ and Dealin’

Aphra sits down with Domina Tagge to negotiate. We’ve all seen Aphra’s style in these situations but I gotta say, Domina has a style all her own.

The Paths

Negotiate what exactly? Well looks like Domina Tagge wants a Nihil path engine.

Yup. Those Nihil.

Did You Miss Me?

Looking for a partner for this job leads Aphra back to the one person it always does.

Sana Starros, good to see you!

The White Wyrms

Looks like Lady Proxima and Aphra have some unfinished business.

Engine Enthusiasts

In usual Aphra fashion, everyone else is also after the same thing she’s after. Guess when there’s credits to be had, everyone comes out of the woodwork. Even the Unbroken Clan.

Look at Us

Who’d of thought we’d be back here again huh?

Not me.

Not gonna lie. The Volt Cobra is a pretty ship.

Plants vs. Nihil

I’m going to file the name of this particular locale away. Seems there was a lot happening back in The High Republic days here. Maybe we’ll see it pop up in some future comic or book! Also anything High Republic and plants I distrust.

Twice the Pride

Double the fall.

It’s Fake and in Space

Looks like the prize everyone is chasing is not legit. And probably a catastrophe waiting to happen. Which means it’s most definitely in Aphra’s near future.

Master of Disguise

Excuse us! Waiters coming through!


Back on Cantonica, Lucky is finding things a bit tight since his previous employer was disintegrated. I dig this look at the underworld of Canto Bight! Maybe somebody will put their whole fist through that lousy beautiful town!


The Dead Speak!

Once again Doctor Aphra hits us with that dose of pure frenetic chaos and pulls us all along for what has got to be the some of the most exciting and rambunctious adventures in Star Wars these days. Doctor Aphra comics rarely miss the mark so if you enjoy her adventures this is another must-read! I’m excited to see all this take us into the gigantic War of the Bounty Hunters crossover and can’t wait to see Aphra cross paths with literally everyone involved!

-Sal P.

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