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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters: Target Valance Comic Series Moments!

Valance is back with all of his T-800/Robocop moves, palm blasting folks to ashes and trying to be a good little bounty hunter! Which I hear tell is a complicated profession… After the previous debacle with his mentor Nakano Lash, Valance is trying to find safety for a young heir.

Once again Ethan Sacks and Paolo Villanelli bring the violence and one liners aplenty! The series continues to live in that place somewhere between over the top 80’s action movies and The Expendables!


The Love Story

Throughout the story there are a lot of flashbacks with Valance’s backstory. He left his love behind to become a hero and was blown up a few times along the way… Now he sees himself as a monster and can’t bring himself to face his past.

This is both metal and heartfelt.

Imperial Service

So if you get blown up in the line of duty the Empire doesn’t really shell out top tier care or cybernetics. Guess those are reserved for Vader and such.


Valance gets a few upgrades and also busts out a cool hidden beskar blade! Seems to come in handy in quite a few situations!

Rebel Base

He might be more machine than man but he can’t exactly cheat death. Wounded and with nowhere left to turn, Valance returns to Yura for help. Both medical and to find a safe place for Cadeliah.


Zuckuss and 4-LOM catch up to Valance at the no longer secret Rebel base. Valance plays the only card he has left to buy some time.

Good to See You

Valance heads to get some more intel and gets attacked by a young buck named Tasu Leech! He’s a solid fighter from the Nar Kanji fight pits and we will watch his career with great interest!

A Friend?

When the Empire refuses to send a rescue for one of their own Han Solo and his squad head out on their own to rescue their wing mate. Valance finally starts to realize that the Empire isn’t all it seems.


After the Rebels are forced to evacuate, Valance is sent to help a ship they’ve lost contact with.

Oh, look pirates.

The Ohnaka* Gang is Back!

*Hondo Ohnaka sold separately*

Something to Live For

Back on Ruusan, Losha arrives to find her love, T’onga, alive! Together again they find it may be time to leave that farming life behind for a bit… after T’onga heals up.

Stealth Mission

Aboard the Rebel transport, Valance busts out his best Solid Snake to take out all the pirates onboard.

Fake Rebel

Turns out the pirates have a jerk on the inside…

Foot to Face

Seeing Dengar get punched in the face is always a good time.

Seeing him get booted also brings joy.

Pay to Win

Exum Jermit, some hoity toity Banking Clan guy, is all outfitted to do battle in The Great Hunt of Malastare. I dunno man, sometimes the most expensive armor/weapons/crew might not be enough…

Bossk’s Ted Talk

I love it.


This is also metal.


Look rich guy, don’t cross the Hutts.

This Means War

The series continues to be all the over the top action we’ve come to expect. But this arc adds some depth behind the characters. Not just Valance! I’m really happy to see T’onga and Losha seemingly ready to join the fight. All of this seems to be leading straight into the ginormous War of the Bounty Hunters Crossover which looks to be even crazier than this!

The series is a must-read for anyone into pure bounty hunter action! I’m eager to see how this all pans out as this story seems to already be turned up to 11! I can’t imagine how, in addition to Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk, T’onga, and Losha they’re going to drop in IG-88, Vader, Lando, Aphra, Durge, Boba Fett, and who knows who else!!

What was your favorite part?

  • Sal P.

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