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Rogue Rebels Spotify Playlists!

If you listen to The Rogue Rebels Podcast on Spotify we have reorganized our tracks into the first galactic playlists!! For a safe and secure podcast society!

Each playlist sorts Rogue Rebels episodes into categories and will be updated every time a new episode drops!

Just click on the image or title for the link and add it to your Spotify library!

The Bad Batch

The cavalry has arrived! All episodes on The Bad Batch are here! Even their The Clone Wars introductions!

The Mandalorian

This is The Way!

Every episode talking Din and Grogu is here on this playlist!

The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars animated series episodes are here! All talking about Ahsoka, Rex, and The Grand Army of the Republic!

Star Wars Resistance

Check out this playlist for every episode of Star Wars Resistance!! Even a few stories from the Lucasfilm screenings!

Tales From The Rogue Rebels

All about Star Wars books? This playlist has all our Tales From the Rogue Rebels episodes covering books and other stories!

Star Wars Comics!

All Star Wars comics are here on this playlist! Interested in Son of Dathomir or Luke’s yellow lightsaber? Check out this playlist!

Star Wars Rebels

Here are the Star Wars Rebels episodes!! Want to hear us reminisce on #RebelsRemembered? This is the place.

Star Wars Video Games

The Super Rogue Rebels video game playlist! Cal Kestis and Project Starhawk talk here!

The High Republic

All High Republic all the time on this playlist! Books. Comics. And whatever else The High Republic throws at us will be here!

Galaxy’s Edge

Everything Batuu is on this playlist! From our stories from being First in The Galaxy’s Edge to Vi Moradi in Black Spire!

Star Wars Movies

Love Star Wars movies? Hear us talk about the Star Wars films here!

Star Wars Jams

This playlist is NOT our podcast but has every little jam I could find. From Zeb Rock to Suugan Essana. From Batuu boogie to Chicken in the Pot. Set this bad boy on shuffle and jam out watching the sunset.

Enjoy, share, and follow!

Enjoy and subscribe to the Rogue Rebels Podcast!



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