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Poe Dameron: Legend Found Comic Series Moments!

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As Poe Dameron continues his search for Lor San Tekka, we follow the story in Legend Found! The story builds from the last comic arc and there are some lots of surprises and fun moments in this sneaky-spy-like series as Poe continues his search for Lor San Tekka!


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Busted X-Wing

Throughout this comic series, it’s almost a running gag that Poe just can’t seem to keep his T-70 in one piece. If you’ve followed the comic series then you’ve seen plenty of X-Wing damage and if you think ahead to The Last Jedi it’s not looking any easier for poor old Poe.

Here we go again.


Screenshot_20200329-233648_Marvel Comics.jpg

Battle Droids!

Another Resistance era story with some surprise B-2 battle droids! While it makes a lot more sense that there are probably a whole lot still in use on Cato Neimoidia, it’s still nice to see them all well taken care of and painted up nice and pretty.

Screenshot_20200331-002429_Marvel Comics.jpg

She Knows Her Ships

So Jess Pava is apparently a “one-woman databank” on ships? Does that basically mean she’s the canon version of Admiral Nick?

I mean, because that’s really cool and helpful and a CHOICE twitter follow.

Screenshot_20200329-233149_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Queen’s Wardrobe

Leia Organa using her royal lineage and toting around the legendary wardrobe of Padme Amidala herself is great. I LOVED the way Leia plays a royal role. We are so used to her being the inspiring, tough as nails, determined leader, that it’s great to see her persona switched up on some hapless Nemoidians!

Screenshot_20200329-234103_Marvel Comics.jpg

Sneaky Sneaky Sir

So the story is a prison break. And Poe sneaking in with the luggage is a pretty good piece of the puzzle.

Screenshot_20200331-002315_Marvel Comics.jpg

Aboard The Absolution

For all the fans of Delilah Dawson’s Star Wars: Phasma, it’s nice to see the Absolution. Who knows, maybe somewhere on board there is a certain caped captain training the future of the First Order…

Screenshot_20200331-002737_Marvel Comics.jpg

Custom Upgrade

A few arcs back Agent Terex revealed his super cool pirate former Imperial stormtrooper custom samurai look. It’s been a minute but he wastes no time in crafting some new custom pieces as soon as he has the chance!

Screenshot_20200331-001318_Marvel Comics.jpg

Super Cool Blue Angels Type Stunts

At one point Poe and BB-8 end up pulling another sweet switcheroo with some precision flying upside down nose to nose techniques!

Screenshot_20200331-003115_Marvel Comics.jpg

Really Cool X-Wing Legends Type Tactics

If you’ve ever read the Legends X-Wing series by Stackpole and Allston you might remember some of their precision astromech utilizing proton torpedo shield overloading squadron moves. Poe seems to have learned a thing or two as well and uses a similar move to get a shot in past the First Order shields!

Screenshot_20200331-003327_Marvel Comics.jpg


There’s a sweet wedding scene for a Snap and Karé here. The art is pretty, Snap has a very nice Bail Organa type suit and the art sets the scene perfectly. It’s nice to know there was a wedding on D’qar before the Resistance ducked out of there. Oh, and if I have the chance I would also have Leia officiate.

Screenshot_20200331-003427_Marvel Comics.jpg

This Will Begin to Make Things Right

With the end of this arc, the series completes its pre-The Force Awakens timeline and the next few arc follows the events of The Last Jedi. Lor San Tekka is a wonderful presence and there are some very nice panels that feel right at home in Poe Dameron’s bigger character arc.

Screenshot_20200329-231657_Marvel Comics.jpg

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