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Star Wars: Target Vader Comic Series Moments!

Screenshot_20200103-094947_Marvel Comics.jpg

Vader is the biggest bad dude there is but it’s cool to see a comic based on having him hunted by a team of bad dudes! This comic about Beilert Valance being hired by the mysterious Hidden Hand organization to hunt down the dark lord himself. There’s a really cool team of bounty hunter scum along for the ride and the adventure is some straight-up Star Wars craziness!


Screenshot_20200103-120714_Marvel Comics.jpg

Gun Arm

In the tradition of B2 Super Battle Droids and Cardo (that one Knight of Ren) Valance has a super awesome cyborg arm that can charge up and blast away like a Barret Wallace limit break!

Screenshot_20200103-120654_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Broken Wing

I mean, of course, this cool bounty hunter dude has a cool bounty hunter ship but I do enjoy the design.

Screenshot_20200103-094551_Marvel Comics.jpg

Look, it’s Dengar!

Good old Dengar joins up in this hunt and makes a great addition to the story!

Plus he gets punched!

Screenshot_20200103-094857_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Hidden Hand

The mysterious underworld weapons dealers have some interesting connections.

Screenshot_20200103-095103_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Tusken

Amongst the hunters is Urrr’k a mysterious Tusken sniper. She’s pretty mysterious but just the idea of a Tusken Sniper not shooting at podracers is fun.

Screenshot_20200103-100516_Marvel Comics.jpg

For Roan

As the action unfolds, we get glimpses into some of the hunters’ stories. Some of them are really cool windows into some cool character motivations!

Screenshot_20200103-100922_Marvel Comics.jpg


Valance has some cool flashbacks to his homeworld and what happens to smaller mining planets under the control of the Empire.

Screenshot_20200103-102005_Marvel Comics.jpg

Even Better the Second Time

No caption needed.

Screenshot_20200103-094642_Marvel Comics.jpg

We Don’t Need Their Scum

This small action-packed, double-crossing, bounty hunting, Dengar punching adventure is a fun read and cool lead up to the forthcoming Bounty Hunter series coming this year from Marvel. I like when Star Wars stories dive into some newer characters we are less familiar with and I look forward to more adventures with Beilert Valance in all his arm cannon glory!

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