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The Kessel Toy Run II is Fully Operational!

The Kessel Toy Run II has begun!

The holiday season is almost in range and you know what that means! Last year the Kessel Toy Run was a massive success and we stand now in the midst of its achievements! This year is gearing up to be bigger than the last!

This is your chance to donate to children and their siblings who are in the hospital for the holidays. Last year nearly a thousand unopened Star Wars toys were donated to this cause and the Rogue Rebels gathered our forces with costumed members of Saber Guild Temple Prime and passed out the toys to the children.


Please help us bring joy and smiles to children who need it this holiday season!

44329383_329313931162503_6986370606002339840_nKessel Toy Run II 2

“This is our chance to make a real difference.”


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