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Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Celebrating Female Characters.


I am very excited about the release of Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy on October 30, 2018!

I can’t wait to be inspired by the 75 kick-ass women in the Star Wars universe written and illustrated by equally amazing kick-ass women.  I really hope to see and read about some of my favorite characters that have not been visibly portrayed like young Holdo and Kaiden Larte… so I will keep my fingers crossed : )

Written by Amy Ratcliffe and illustrated by Alice X. Zhang, Amy Beth Christenson, Annie Stoll, Annie Wu, Christina Chung, Cryssy Cheung, Eli Baum, Elsa Charretier, Geneva B., Jen Aberin Johnson, Jen Bartel, Jenny Parks, Karen Hallion, Little Corvus, Sara Alfageeh, Sara Kipin, Sarah Wilkinson, and Viviane Tanner.

I am very proud and thankful to all the amazing people who are making the release of this book possible.

Mark your calendars! Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy goes on sale on October 30, 2018.   I already pre-ordered mine, have you?

Pre-order your copy of Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy here!



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