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Star Wars: Mutiny at Mon Cala Comic Series Moments!

As the Alliance builds its resources, they head to Mon Cala in hopes of adding the legendary fleet to the cause.

Look, they have Ackbar, right? That’s gotta help… Rebellions are built on hope right?



Mon Cala has been feeling the hurt for awhile. But Leia is no stranger to that.

Pour One Out

Luke, Han, Chewie, Wedge, Hobbie, and Zev all get together for some blue milk and remember the fallen.

Actually, Luke might be the only one drinking blue milk.


Look!! My favorite general! And my favorite Lasat!

Face Off

So the crew grabs a clawdite actor to impersonate the Mon Cala Moff! Genius right? Well anyway, Arpagion the clawdite is pretty darn adorable.

Expect antics.

Welcome to Thunderdome

This just looks really cool. Like something out of Zanarkand.

Threepio’s Interpretation

Threepio has an opportunity to translate a Mon Cala opera!

Bigger Fish

Yup. No underwater planet journey can go without an Opee Sea Killer!


Threepio is the Gary in this situation.


With these disguises we’ll blend right in!

Sir… Threepio has hair.

The Message

Lee-Char addresses his people and inspires them one last time.

The Fleet

As the Empire arrives in force to keep the fist on Mon Cala, the Alliance arrives to help their new allies.


Kieron Gillen’s story has some really fun moments but also some heavy ones. It’s a nice balance and the Mon Cala characters also get their shine here. Larroca’s art is consistent with his style. The Alliance is growing and the stage is set for the next arc which is one of my favs!

This comic arc is a must-read for anyone curious about Mon Cala and how they joined the Alliance!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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