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Adventures in Wild Space Favorite Moments!

“I’m scared, too. But we can do this, if we stick together.”

Milo Graf

Adventures in Wild Space is a young reader series that kind of flew under my radar for a long while. I picked up the original book for the kids back in 2016 but by the time I got back around to digging into it I found it a bit confusing to piece together the series due to different dates and titles for the UK release. I finally did the research, read the series, and have chosen a few favorite things, but first, let me help you with the titles and order just in case!

  1. The Escape
  2. The Snare
  3. The Nest
  4. The Heist
  5. The Darkness
  6. The Cold
  7. The Rescue

A lot of my confusion came because the first book is a “prequel” in the US that was only available as an ebook. Which threw off the numbering for the rest of the series if you found the wrong list. And the titles were different in the UK release for The Heist (which was called The Steal) and The Darkness (which was called the Dark.)


This series, written by Cavan Scott and Tom Huddleston, follows the adventures of a young brother and sister who narrowly escape Imperial capture but set out to rescue their parents. It’s a fun little series and I wish I had read it to the kids when they were young as the sibling relationship is a lot of fun and I think that my kids would have enjoyed that.

Here were a few of my favorite things about the series!



The main characters are Lina and Milo Graf. Brother and sister trying to rescue their family alongside their droid CR-8R and their pet kowakian money lizard Morq! Their whole dynamic throughout the series was great. The older sister who’s a bit better with tech and piloting and things like that. Milo who learned so much from his parents about the animals, ecosystems, and survival from his parents. They work together perfectly!!! … Even when they argue. They reminded me so much of Lizzy and Axel that it really took me back to the days when they were young.

Wild Space

The Graf family are explorers of Wild Space. They find new hyperspace routes and explore worlds and basically live a life of learning and exploration. Which makes them a target of the Empire who have use of such knowledge.

Imperial Entanglements

Captain Korda of the Empire is the one tasked with finding the children. He’s relentless, cunning, and always just a few steps behind. Also he has a cyborg jaw.

So… that’s pretty metal.


One of my favorite places in the galaxy. The Graf kids adventuring takes them to Lothal where they meet a few familiar faces.

Like I’m not gonna love Lothal stuff.

Okay I’m just gonna say it. The Bridgers!

(Also the kids in their sneaking gear on that cover ^^^ is super slick!)

Bounty Hunters

As the Graf kids continue to elude Captain Korda, he enlists the help of a bounty hunter. The Shade tracks the children to deliver them to the Empire.

Bounty hunters.

They’re always so cool.

Bits and Pieces

The series is a wonderful adventure of kids searching for their parents. They learn to cooperate, work together, and out think their enemies along the way. There are all kinds of new dangers in every book. Giant ship destroying beasts, twin horned smugglers, rebel transmitters, a shady jablogian, and maybe a Grand Moff! Definitely a must-read for anyone looking for some great bedtime tales!

  • Sal P.

“We were lost and alone and we didn’t know what we were doing, and they helped us. Now it’s our turn to help them.”

Milo Graf

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