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Star Wars: Out Among the Stars Comic Series Moments!

This collection of smaller individual stories lets us catch up with Han, Luke, Leia, and even Sana! R2 is still out searching for a droid-napped 3PO and even Lando shows up! While I love that each story is varied and has it’s own tone, I definitely have my favorites and I’m sure you will too!


Alderaan’s Light

Definitely one of the best moments in the entirety of Star Wars comics, Leia talks of Alderaan as she and Luke are stranded. It’s melancholy, beautiful, and bitterweet. And it really shows Leia’s strength, resolve, and compassion.

I love it.

We are Not Alone

Leia and Luke find out the world is bigger than their original assumptions.

Booby Traps

Preparing for the eventual Imperial attack, Leia and Luke set up the island with traps like Dutch did when he challenged the Predator! Fire, explosions, poison, and anything else to even the odds.

Double Dealing

Sana pulls off a plan pitting the Empire, the Hutts, and everyone else against each other for some blasters and credits. In classic mastermind fashion she does NOT inform her partner of the full plan.

Scoundrel’s Code

Looks like deep down Sana has a heart of gold.


The Hutt Gambit

Mothma asking Han for some help has about a million cool references. General Draven? Sunspot Prison? Akiva? Grakkus?

I know what those things are!

Buff Hutt

Never underestimate buff Hutt.

If He Be Worthy

Sergeant Kreel trains and Vader offers a bit of advice. Just before the threatens Kreel and warns of his last chance. Better get good quick Kreel. It does not sound like you have a lot of time.

Assassin Droid

R2 boards the Star Destroyer where his best friend is captured. He sneaks aboard and disables opposition.

Flying is for Droids

Looks like these droids are in *pause* 🎵trouble again🎵

Vader chases the escaping droids and remarks how good the droid is at piloting.

Chef’s kiss.

A Friend

There’s a wonderful short story involving a Tusken child who becomes lost. The art is beautiful and the story is uplifting.

What They Grow Beyond

The stories take each of the characters on a moment of their own. Jason Aaron’s writing is wonderful and he gives each character tale it’s own feel and voice. R2 rescuing 3PO is really cute and hilarious all at once but that Leia and Luke story is my favorite.

By far.

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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