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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra: Aphra Comic Series Moments!

Following her journey with Darth Vader in the Darth Vader 2015 series, Doctor Aphra at last gets her own monthly title!! All of the glib, backstabbing, chaos, and murder droids going on their very own adventures! I was SUPER excited about this series and Doctor Aphra continues to be one of my favorite characters in the comics!


Raiders of the Lost Stuff

This comic has one of the best openings/introductions I’ve ever enjoyed. With very little dialogue and some wonderful art, we are introduced to Aphra and know everything we need to know about her in just a few pages!


Speaking of some familiar faces, the murder droid duo return, and together with Aphra, wreak all sorts of wonderful havoc.


So on this adventure we meet Aphra’s father, Korin Aphra. Clearly their relationship is strained but along the way Korin reveals he was extremely uninformed about recent events. Like the Death Star.

Ordu Aspectu

Korin’s life work has revolved around studying an offshoot of the Jedi called the Ordu Aspectu who sought eternal life. Which seems kind of sketchy…

Symbiotic Relationships

BT-1 deploys footrests and handles and becomes a little sled for Triple Zero.

Shut up this is amazing.

Temple of Doom

Turns out Korin’s research is about to pay off as our adventurers finally find the lost Citadel of Rur.

Family Matters

In the temple Korin and Chelli finally get a moment to connect for some heart to heart time. I know right? Aphra? Caring? There’s some quality stuff here.

Elegant Weaponry

I get happy when anyone who shouldn’t have a lightsaber has a lightsaber.


After being hunted by Imperial Officer Magna Tolvan, Aphra captures her during their escape. Instead of killing Tolvan, Aphra frees her.

Wonder if that’s gonna come back to bite her?


Kieron Gillen gives us everything that makes Aphra great here! Kev Walker’s art is fun and whimsical and really fits the energy of Aphra so well. I love stories that aren’t afraid to have fun and Doctor Aphra DEFINITELY hits that mark!

  • Sal P.

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