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Rogue Rebels Podcast Art Guide!

If you’re new to The Rogue Rebels Podcast you might notice our episode art has a few variations.

We put together this handy guide to help explain what that means and how it can help you find what you want to listen to!


While our episode descriptions are super useful in letting you know the topic and discussion of the episode, the art was created to give you some info at a glance!

Rebels Podcast Art

This art is our generic, catch-all, or anything Star Wars Rebels. This art is on any episodes that don’t fit into a more specific category. Interviews? Our Star Wars Stories? #RebelsRemembered, The films? LEGO Star Wars? Fun stories of little Axel and Lizzy running around in Ezra and Sabine costumes? All that good stuff!

The Clone Wars

This art is on any episode where we are talking about The Clone Wars animated series! We have a few episodes on Season 7 and they all have this logo. Interested in hearing about Ahsoka and Rex on Mandalore? Look for this art!

Star Wars Resistance

Any talk about Kaz and his adventures on the Colossus in Star Wars Resistance has this art! Want to talk about the Dozas? Synara and Tam? Bitey the gorg? Look for this art!

The Mandalorian

We changed the art in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, but all of our Mando episodes have Din’s glorious little silhouette to tip you off there will be plenty of Mando talk! Interesting in Grogu? Moff Gideon and his description of E-web blasters? Nanny droids who rock? Cobb Vanth or Peli Motto? Look for this art!

The Bad Batch

This is our art for The Bad Batch animated series episodes! We only have one episode with this art so far, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of this art in May! Interested in Hunter, Tech, Crosshair, Wrecker, and Echo? Look for this art!

Tales From The Rogue Rebels

This art is for when we talk about books! Want to talk about Light of the Jedi? Queen’s Peril? Dooku: Jedi Lost? Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire? From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back? Any episode where we cover Star Wars books will have this art!

Star Wars Comics!

This art will be on episodes where we talk about Star Wars comics! Did you enjoy Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir? The Rise of Kylo Ren? Luke Skywalker and The Destiny Path? These episodes will cover our thoughts on comic arcs or a mini series!

Star Wars Video Games

This 16-bit inspired art is for our Super Rogue Rebels video game episodes! We have episodes talking Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Squadrons and plan on plenty more! If you like video games look for this art!

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We hope this helps you find the episodes you’re looking for! As more and more Star Wars content is released our podcast (and this post) will continue to be updated and cover all things Star Wars!

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