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Why Quinlan Vos Fits in with The Bad Batch

At the risk of being too on-brand and losing precious street cred, I’d like to take a moment of your time to talk about the collection of sarcasm and half jokes that is Quinlan Vos.

And why he would make a perfect addition to The Bad Batch.


Before you start with all the “No Sal, you just wanna have more excuses to see Vos animated!,” “Stop with all your ridiculousness,” and of course “Vos isn’t even a good character you just like him because you believe somehow that he looks like a buff version of you!”


Take a breath.

That’s like, your opinion, man.

1. Vos Isn’t Your Dad’s Jedi General

The Bad Batch is not your usual Clone Force. And Vos isn’t your usual Jedi. Both have tendencies to bend or sidestep the rules or regulations to achieve the mission goals. Vos specializes in dealing with the underworld which leads to many undercover missions. While Vos is used to working alone toward the end of the Clone War he is made General and given troops to retake Saleucami and Boz Pity. So far we don’t know what kind of a force Vos is in command of, but I think a small specialized strike force like The Bad Batch could fit him much better than your usual battalion.

2. Vos Fits in Anywhere

Vos works undercover. Combined with his powers of psychometry (which allow him to “read” objects and see things from their past) Vos is invaluable at gathering intel. While Hunter’s genetically enhanced senses could sense things like electromagnetic signatures, Vos’s connection to the Force and his psychometry skills could make them the ultimate tracking team. It’s well regarded that Vos isn’t a typical Jedi. He is called a maverick by others of his order. While he is at home in the Jedi Temple, he is also comfortable in places other Jedi find uncomfortable. Vos is known to hang out at the cop cantina in the lower levels of Coruscant sharing his intel with officers. Vos has worked undercover with bounty hunters, black market dealers, crime lords, pirates, assassins, and trained in Nightsister and Sith assassin techniques with Ventress. I think a Clone Force of altered clones who don’t fit in with the “regs” would suit Vos just fine. And vice versa.

3. Vos Already Has His Black and Grey Outfit.

While Vos’s Jedi tunic seen in the Clone Wars episode The Hunt for Ziro is black and green with some nice chest armor, his outfit from his undercover work would fit in much more with The Bad Batch. His “bounty hunter” disguise is all black and grey with yellow accents, has double holstered blaster pistols, and would fit in perfectly with The Bad Batch aesthetic.

4. Vos is Rumored to Have Survived Order 66.

The last we hear of Quinlan Vos in canon is in Revenge of the Sith when Kenobi tells Anakin that “Saleucami has fallen, and Master Vos moved his troops to Boz Pity.” So far we have nothing after Order 66 except some compelling rumors. Darth Vader is given a list of Jedi who may have survived Order 66 with some notable names. In addition to Kenobi, Tano, and Jocasta, Quinlan Vos’s name is also on the list. On Mon Cala during the Empire’s takeover, surviving Jedi Ferren Barr mentions that perhaps Vos survived.

I know it’s not much but I think a Jedi who is skilled at working undercover would have a serious edge in a post Order 66 galaxy don’t you? And IF he was alive maybe he could find some purpose and companionship with The Bad Batch.

5. The Bad Batch Doesn’t Have a Lightsaber Guy.

They have a big strong guy, they have a sniper guy, they have a tracking guy, they have a tech guy, and they have a cyborg guy.

But they could really use a lightsaber Force guy. A guy who could jump really high and slice though doors. A guy who could deflect lasers and Force push stuff. A guy who could pick up a weapon and tell everyone where the being who held it went 2 weeks ago. A guy like that would be really great on a team like this.

I am not taking arguments at this time.

Anyway, here’s a pic of me as Vos with a lightsaber killing a Mando.



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