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Tales From the Rogue Rebels: Master and Apprentice

On this Tales From The Rogue Rebels… Sal invites the Rexin Around boys to talk Master and Apprentice! Together with Michael and Greg they explain the book to Taylor who hasn’t read a Star Wars book! We cover Qui-Gon, Kenobi, Aveross, Pijal, varactyl racing, parental 3POs, Force Lightning, force visions, Maul’s lightsaber, Nim Pianna, Yoda,… Continue reading Tales From the Rogue Rebels: Master and Apprentice

Books · Ghost Transmissions · Spectre-1 · Star Wars

Dooku: Jedi Lost Review

“You must join me Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith!” Some of the most mysterious and elusive characters in Star Wars are the Sith. In the canon, there are really only a handful of them and only a couple of them that have a defined and detailed story. Anakin Skywalker is one Sith… Continue reading Dooku: Jedi Lost Review