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Liz Perales


Liz is working hard to finish Law school while juggling her work and family life as well. She is a huge fan of Leia’s take charge leadership and Vader’s ruthlessly efficient management skills and does her best to utilize them in the workplace. She is the Spectre 2 of the family and keeps everyone else together and on task.

Liz on IG @TheRogueRebels

Sal Perales


Sal is not only handsome but smarter than he looks as well. His humorous charm and laid back attitude are less that of a “temple Jedi” and a bit more towards the scoundrel edge of the spectrum. He has been interested in Martial Arts ever since Luke Skywalker backflipped up to a catwalk on the second Death Star. He also enjoys making music although with all the costume building lately, his music-making time has significantly decreased.

Sal on Twitter @SaliMakeMusic

Sal on IG @SaliMakeMusic

Lizzy Perales

Sabine card

Lizzy is a teenager who loves cooking and drawing. She loves food and has just been accepted into a wonderful Culinary Arts program. Her dream is to open her own restaurant someday and she is working hard to make that dream a reality. She also podcasts with her Sabine counterpart Zoe on Star Wars Geek Girl weekly. She also loves playing video games like The Legend of Zelda, Battlefront, Tomodachi Life, Kingdom Hearts, and Animal Crossing.

Lizzy can be heard on Star Wars Geek Girl Podcast

and you can check out their FB Page here: Star Wars Geek Girl

and @SWGeekGirl on twitter

Axel Perales


Axel is the funniest and best looking small man you will ever meet. His sense of humor and timing never fails to brings smiles to those around him. He also loves playing video games like Minecraft, Mega Man, Kirby, Pokemon, and Sonic. He has much more in common with Ezra and Boba than just mere looks and loves representing them as best as possible. He has been known to stowaway along with his sister on Star Wars Geek Girl from time to time.

Victoria Perales

victoria Ahsoka lives

Victoria is often referred to as the cutest of the Rogue Rebels. The perpetual baby of the family, she has been costuming longer than the rest of the family. She loves napping the day away on a made bed, watching movies in the same bed, and hanging out with other stuffed animals on the bed. She also loves making new costumes and is always on the lookout for the next one. She is an avid supporter of teddy bear rights and some of her best friends include other teddy bears, a couple of tooka dolls, and a small stuffed Boba Fett. She often tries to ride the family dog no matter how much Bingo tries to run.