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Star Wars Geek Girl 199: The Bad Batch Season 1 Finale with Sal and Axel!

On episode 199 Lizzy and Zoe are joined by Sal and Axel to talk about the last two episodes of season one of the Bad Batch and much more!

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Rogue Rebels Podcast 94: The Rising Storm with King Tom!

Sal talks with special guest King Tom about The High Republic: The Rising Storm! They talk everything from ebook highlighting, Elzar and Stellan, rollercoasters, Bell Zettifar and Ember, Vector Drifts, Porter Engle continues to be a badass, Ty Yorrick, Cavan Scott is mean, flying dragons, Orbalin the badass, Lourna Dee with an axe, the Eye… Continue reading Rogue Rebels Podcast 94: The Rising Storm with King Tom!

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Doctor Aphra: Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon Favorite Comic Moments!

Okay so Doctor Aphra and Vulaada are trying to make their way in a ruthless galaxy but unfortunately the Rebel Alliance and the Empire are both after Aphra so it seems our rogue archaeologist won’t be catching a break anytime soon. Oh also childhood memories and run ins with the ex are sure to keep Aphra on her toes.
So as usual… chaos and shenanigans ensue.