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The High Republic Adventures: Back Together and Away Again Favorite Moments!

Lula and Zeen finally reunite with Farzala and Qort and introduce a few new friends into the mix. They head back to Qort’s old home of Takodana to help protect some old friends from a Nihil attack!

Daniel Jose Older gives us all the action, dialogue, and hugs we’ve come to expect from a great High Republic Adventure!

Please stand by for Baby Qort content:


I Got Family

After the battle on Valo and some aggressive Hutt negotiations, the padawans meet back on Starlight Beacon! Along with a few new additions…

Something to Prove Nothing to Lose

Krix is eager to rise in the ranks of the Nihil and impress Marchion Ro.

I Haven’t Had My Muffin Yet

Sav Malagan is just about to enjoy her morning caf when the Nihil attack the Jedi temple.

I think this is the moment the Nihil messed up…

Any Questions?

Buckets of Blood regrets asking that.

Storm Chaser

Meanwhile, Sav is making short work of an attacking storm.

Back Home

The Padawans arrive and Qort is greeted by a few familiar faces.

Terrible Twos

Apparently, a baby Qort is a force to be reckoned with. Legit baby from Incredibles vibes.

A Good Question, For Another Time

Excuse me, the battle of what now?

The Hug Republic

Someone on Twitter said this and I can’t agree more.

For Light and Life

A beautiful story with a cute art style. Did I mention baby Qort? We get lots of Qort backstory and some heartwarming lessons as we really see our little skull kid grow!

This comic is a must-read for Star Wars fans looking for some real heart, light, love, and growing pains in a galaxy far, far away!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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Check out the Rogue Rebels Star Wars comics Spotify playlist here!



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