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Star Wars: Last Flight of the Harbinger Comic Series Moments!

Do you wanna steal a Star Destroyer? If you raised your hand you’d probably make a decent rebel! Leia and our heroes hatch a plan to capture a Star Destroyer for the rebellion! Unbeknownst to them, Task Force 99 is hot on their trail which will complicate things. We also get another Kenobi adventure and a little droid story!


Let the Wookiee Win?

After Jabba’s previous thugs and their unfortunate altercation (AKA getting wrecked by a certain secret hermit,) Black Krrsantan is on the case! Looking for the mysterious culprit, the wookiee is out roughing up some locals when he starts messing around with the wrong family.

Kenobi has one job and it’s time to go to work.

Breach Point

As rebel starfighters engage a lone Star Destroyer, the Millennium Falcon blasts an entry point for the boarding party! There’s a mission in Star Wars: Squadrons where you do the exact same thing!

Race to the Top

So who’s gonna captain the ship? Let’s race for it! I admit, it’s an awfully middle school solution, but it fits well with Han and Leia’s flirting levels!


Scanners pick up an approaching ship and when the rebels get there to check it out it’s one of their missing ships with the admiral’s body strapped to the front! Either a grave warning or an effective distraction.

Place your bets.

SCAR Squad

Sgt. Kreel squads up to retake the Harbinger and reclaim Vader’s prize.

Pretty much the Imperial version of The Bad Batch.


R2 is the ultimate in defense. As the troopers try to hack into the ship, R2 stops them at every turn!


A surprised Luke battles a saber wielding Stormtrooper before finally figuring out that Sgt. Kreel is the Gamemaster!

When he left him he was but the learner but now… he’s learned a little more?


Big Guy Brawl

Of course Chewie ends up fighting the buff buy by the reactor!

It’s like poetry!


I love when capital ships hit each other.

Boss Call

We all know it’s scary when Lord Vader demands an update.

Especially when you’ve failed to complete the mission… again.

Run Luke Run

Jason Aaron’s story is solid. Mike Mayhew’s art for the Kenobi story is amazing and looks photorealistic. SCAR Squad is a super fun idea and that resonates a little more now that we’re finally getting The Bad Batch soon!

  • Sal P.

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