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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Comic Series Moments!

Age Of Rebellion is the next step in Marvel’s “Age of” series. As the name implies the 9 issues that make up this portion focus on the heroes and villains of the Galactic Civil War era. I love the Dodsons’ cover art for the issues! Everyone you expect is here. And a couple I wasn’t… The stories are all varied and interesting so I’ll just jump into some of my favorite things!


Screenshot_20200305-000639_Marvel Comics.jpg

Badass Boushh Bounty Huntin’

There’s a whole Princess Leia issue where she’s using Boushh to infiltrate the bounty hunter circle and try to get more intel on Boba Fett and Han Solo. Boushh is one of my favorite Princess Leia costumes and any excuse for more is always great by me! If you like Boushh as much as I do make sure you check out the Force of Destiny episode: Bounty Hunted.

Screenshot_20200305-001622_Marvel Comics.jpg

Buff Tarkin. That’s it. That’s the Tweet.

There’s really nothing else to write here. Tarkin whips off his shirt for a knife fight.

Oh, I’m sorry, vibroblade fight.

Screenshot_20200308-225901_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Best Pilot in the Galaxy

The Darth Vader issue takes place towards the beginning of the reign of the Galactic Empire. Lord Vader is still swooping around in a ship that looks a bit like Darth Maul’s Scimitar. V-Wings all swooping around…

Prequel feels yo.

Screenshot_20200305-002250_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Legend of IG-88

Spoilers but at no point in IG-88 reprogrammed as a nurse.

He does, however, reprogram himself and remind me of a T-800 in this story.

Screenshot_20200305-002547_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Greatest Teacher

Yoda’s story touches on major elements of The Last Jedi. The art in this story was also very beautifully done. I love the fact that each story is able to tell its own story in a completely different tone that matches the character and the story they are going through.

Screenshot_20200305-003227_Marvel Comics.jpg

Jek and Biggs’ 11 Days in Paradise

I really don’t even know where to start with this one, but the weird silliness of this whole story made me laugh out loud. Like I said before, the tone is completely different.

Screenshot_20200308-230503_Marvel Comics.jpg

Into Exile I Must Go

Luke Skywalker experiences a vision of what his life could be like. Again, this tied into some of the elements of The Last Jedi and reminded me of the dream he has in the novelization. While this vision seemed to have darker origins it was still interesting to see some of these threads and possibilities and think about how many of them came to pass.

Screenshot_20200308-230606_Marvel Comics.jpg

It’s no Dewback.

Boba Fett rides a weird robot horse llama. It looks crazy. Also, somebody yelled in a Boba Fett font. It doesn’t get more comic book crazy than that.

Screenshot_20200308-235832_Marvel Comics.jpg

Rebel Gozzo

Han Solo runs across a crew of rebel Gozzo. I love seeing this species wherever I can and I hope they keep popping up in more stories since we won’t be getting our fix in Star Wars Resistance!

Screenshot_20200309-000423_Marvel Comics.jpg

Supply and Demand

Jabba runs a great scam on 10,000 credit wine. Foolin’ faraway rich idiots on Cantonica all the way from home.

Although I am curious to taste 10,000 credit Tusken Wind.

Screenshot_20200309-001019_Marvel Comics.jpg

Sober Cyborg

Poor Lobot. Not only did his cybernetic implants strip away his humanity, but the implants also impede him from drinking.

Pour one out for the homie.

Screenshot_20200305-001019_Marvel Comics.jpg

This is Our Rebellion

At the end of each issue is a write up about the character. It was a lot of fun to read them, especially Bria’s write-ups. She does a great job of really explaining what the character means to her and that was really fun and enlightening.  The series is great, the art is varied and interesting from story to story, and I love these little looks into individual characters. I wish they (whoever they are) would do something like this with less popular characters. As much as I love Leia, Luke, Han, and Vader they all have numerous comics following their adventures. I’d love to see a series like this that follows some of the lesser-known characters through this age. What’s Wedge up to with Rogue Squadron? How about Orrimaarko and his commando team? How about Sabine on Lothal? What about Ciena Ree and her TIE squadron? Or Admiral Sloane? Any Inquisitors hunting? I feel like one-shot issues are a good chance for characters who don’t get to shine as much get a tiny bit of the spotlight. I think the Leia story was my favorite, but the Biggs and Wedge story was enormously entertaining.


Check out the Rogue Rebels Star Wars comics Spotify playlist here!



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