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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Comic Series Moments!

My favorite rogue archaeologist is back in her new ongoing Marvel comic series! Like the other relaunches (Star Wars and Darth Vader) we are exploring the post The Empire Strikes Back adventures and as usual, Aphra is up to no good!

Since her introduction Aphra has been one of my favorite characters and this series keeps that energy going strong. Alyssa Wong puts Aphra with an all new crew making all sorts of new enemies and really just doing a great job of giving Aphra that punchy, glib, conniving attitude that we all know and love!

The art is great and the characters’ expressions really shine through. Which is great, particularly when the characters all have so much personality!


Master of Disguise

Fresh after the Battle of Hoth, Aphra and friends are infiltrating the Imperial activities for their own ends! It’s just great to see a familiar place with some new faces!



TA-418 is just as adorable and endearing as BD-1 was in Jedi: Fallen Order!

Bigtime Archaeologist Putting Together a Crew

So Aphra’s new crew. Brand new faces. A great mix of scholars and scum. And much like Aphra herself, some untrustworthy fellows amongst us. I do love the characters and their unique skills and agendas. Detta, Eustacia, and Just Lucky all bring some great fun and personality for Aphra to reckon with. But as usual with Aphra, things just seem to fall apart…

We can always count on Black Krrsantan though. That guy is hella dependable!

City of the Dead

This is so METAL. The city is like, made of bones and stuff. It’s all cursed and haunting and really is just a fantastic disturbing setting to place our little band of merry treasure protectors!

Hidden Blade

Detta seems naive and harmless but BOOM. Secret poison blade and all kinds of proficiency in combat!!

Uppity Tagge

Just another billionaire flaunting their status. Ronan and his little penthouse up on Canto Bight using his connections and family fortune to add to his collection.

He’s so perfectly hateable.

High Republic Ship

A High Republic thing!! Aphra commandeers a functioning High Republic ship! I have no idea what kind of ship it is but I hope we get some more details in the future!

Domina’s Return

Oh no.

Making her canon return Domina Tagge gets her DUN DUN DUNNNN moment after taking Aphra’s sleight against the Tagges personally. It’s definitely looking like Aphra has made yet another enemy. This one seems to have a vast amount of resources to wield against our little Chelli…


The Dead Speak!

This comic has everything. Plenty of double crossing and danger throughout. As usual Aphra puts herself in the most dubious of situations and has to do whatever she can to get out with some profit! I can’t wait to see where her adventures take her next!

This is definitely a must-read for Aphra fans but I’d suggest it also for anyone who is interested in Star Wars mythology! Aphra’s search for historical and legendary relics is great fun for those interested in all the murky epochs of galactic history!

-Sal P.

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