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Darth Vader: The Shu-Torun War Comic Series Moments!

Darth Vader heads on a mission to the mining world of Shu-Torun to quell rebels, get production quotas filled, instill fear, and chew bubble gum.

And he’s all out of bubble gum…

So what makes this arc awesome?


May I have this Dance?

Shu-Torun is a mining world with an intensely courtly culture and hierarchy. While Vader visits he is confronted by some of this “culture.” He doesn’t seem that interested.

The Ultimate Gift

Vader gives the newly appointed Queen Trios a gift. And a lesson. At the same time!

Hide and go Seek

Oh yeah, after Aphra’s capture on Vrogas Vas she’s kind of a liability to Vader so… he puts together a crew! I mean, I hope that’s C-21 Highsinger because he’s my favorite.


Vader leads Trios and the Imperial army against the factions of rebels (not to be confused with Rebel Alliance rebels…) controlled by rebel ore-dukes who want to be free of the Empire’s control. The fight is massive and there’s lava and betrayal and murder droids and all kinds of greatness.

Speaking of Murder Droids

Triple Zero and BT-1 are along for their usual murder-y antics but this time, they are also in control of their own personally programmed droid army!

The meaty ones are in trouble.

Complicated Profession

There are far too many ins and outs of bounty hunting. So many nuances and depth go into what makes a bounty hunter successful. One rule we can all agree on: Don’t lie to Vader.

Twin Warriors

On Shu-Torun Vader is accompanied by Cylo and some of his creations. Vader has no fear as usual but on the dark side, betrayal is inevitable. I hope everyone on the dark side gets that memo…

Courtly Culture

Queen Trios is one of the most interesting characters we have the pleasure of meeting in this series. Her actions, intentions, determination and regal bearing all shine throughout. I do hope this isn’t the last we see of her.

P.S. This is not the last we see of her…

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