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Star Wars Geek Girl 140 Celebration Thoughts: Episode IV

On Episode 140… The Sabines talk their last Celebration thoughts and The Phantom Menace! Check us out every Monday on www.stuckinthe70sradio.com Send your emails to podcast@starwarsgeekgirl.com zoe@starwarsgeekgirl.com lizzy@starwarsgeekgirl.com You can see the show notes up at http://www.starwarsgeekgirl.com/ You can find the podcast on iTunes as well so please subscribe and review! Check out their FB page here @SWGeekGirl on twitter  

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Star Wars The Force Awakens World Premiere!

Sal’s Personal Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Here we are. The zero hour. The last stand. The beginning of a new era of Star Wars. Everywhere you look Star Wars, Star Wars, and Star Wars. For someone like me it’s the stuff of dreams. For old and new fans alike the excitement is building. Some people have… Continue reading Star Wars The Force Awakens World Premiere!