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The High Republic: The Battle of Jedha Review!

“War casts a long shadow.”

Aida Forte

Ambassadors head to Jedha to negotiate the peace treaty between Eiram and E’ronoh! But the Holy City is filled with many seeking to do whatever they must to stop the peace from happening.

Aggressive Negotiations! Religious Zealots! Riots in the streets! Jedi Peacekeeping! And that mysterious cult again!

George Mann takes us to the streets of Jedha during the Festival of Balance! Where the Jedi are not the only Force worshippers around. With a fragile peace in the balance, any slip could lead to all-out war starting once again.

This audiobook original features a full cast and all the amazing top-tier audio production we have come to expect. The cast is fantastic and the music and sound effects all build a deep and layered audio landscape that makes for a wonderful audio experience. The cast of characters brings a few familiar faces and introduces us to plenty of new ones! Jedi, the Church of the Force, droids, Guardians of the Whills, barkeepers, The Path of the Open Hand, and some famous hyperspace prospecting families!



To ensure peace between Eiram and E’ronoh, a treaty will be signed on Jedha, overseen by the Jedi and the Republic. The Jedi Creighton Sun and Aida Forte are sent as Jedi peacekeepers. Silandra Sho also happens to be on Jedha after her adventures with the Pathfinders out on Aubadas. The Jedi characters all shine in this story as the adventure unfolds. And, while it’s true Jedi aren’t supposed to seek adventure and excitement you can bet there is plenty in store for them!

Path to Peace

Setting the peace treaty between the two worlds might be harder than it seems. While the new leaders of Eiram and E’ronoh wish for peace, they seem to be beset on all sides by those who want the war to continue. And the slightest thing could end the fragile peace.

The Holy City

Jedha is home to many believers in the Force. The followers, the faithful, the dark siders, and those who wish the Force to be free. The Church of the Force, Guardians of the Whills, and the Path of the Open Hand are all present in the holy city.

But who is seeking to interfere with the treaty and why?

Bits and Pieces

The Battle of Jedha brings a story of action, adventure, and a little bit of mystery set on Jedha! The characters are all wonderfully fleshed out by the cast and the story has plenty of twists, turns, and heart-stopping moments to enjoy. Any fan of radio shows or audio dramas is sure to enjoy this one.

This is a must-listen for any High Republic fan looking for a swashbuckling adventure with a taste of political intrigue!

  • Sal P.

“We Jedi are the shield that will not buckle.”

Creighton Sun

The High Republic: The Battle of Jedha is available now!

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