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Ep 13: The Mandalorian Trailer with Hawes!

On this episode… Sal and Lizzy talk with Hawes from Blue Harvest and Rogue Won about the Mandalorian trailer from D23! We talk Trooper skulls, The Razor Crest, tide pods, giant cracked chocolate, Thrawn’s cheek, where’s Ezra, Caravan of Courage, Willow, Moff Gideon, hyperspace Ahsoka, Bounty hunting buddies, beskar, IG-11 and his insecurities, True Mandalorians,… Continue reading Ep 13: The Mandalorian Trailer with Hawes!

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Star Wars Geek Girl 124; Won Wonderful Episode with Johnny Grasso

On Episode 123… The Sabines talk with Johnny Grasso from Rogue Won, a Podcast For Winners about Star Wars, costumes, podcast buddies, Rebels, new intro music, and more!   You can see the show notes up at http://www.starwarsgeekgirl.com/ You can find the podcast on iTunes as well so please subscribe and review! Check out their FB page here @SWGeekGirl on twitter… Continue reading Star Wars Geek Girl 124; Won Wonderful Episode with Johnny Grasso

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Rogue Won 117 How You Doin’ You Old Pirate?

On This Episode… Hawes and Johnny talk with special guests Adam Stafford and Sal Perales about Rogue Rebels adventures, custom art, Lando, Keri Russell, and pitch Lucasfilm! https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-az88w-950764 Be sure to subscribe and review! https://roguewon.podbean.com/ Tweets by roguewonpod

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Who Won the Clone Wars?

My friends over at the Rogue Won Podcast just asked me a question regarding the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels: The Last Battle. I can usually give my answers pretty concisely on twitter but this question is a bit more complex…. SPOILERS for THE LAST BATTLE Star Wars Rebels Episode!! So Grasso’s question revolves… Continue reading Who Won the Clone Wars?