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Rogue Rebels Podcast 89: The Bad Batch: Bounty Lost and Common Ground with Les Gonzalez!

Sal, Lizzy, and Axel talk with Les Gonzalez (from The Sith List) about The Bad Batch Episodes Bounty Lost and Common Ground!

Everything from crunch crunching, Star Wars Visions, Hutts with hair, random anime opinions, Bane and Bounty Lost, Todo not Teedo, Bora Vio, Dad Taun We’s dead, hand to hand with Fennec Shand, who has the Common Ground here anyway, The Empire and the Separatists, Sneaky GS-8, Tom Cruz on vacation, Bolo and Ketch look of disapproval, custom armor vibes, low speed AT-TE chase, Omega the hustler, Lorna-Ka and her amazing art, and let’s never go to Kamino!

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