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Rogue Rebels Podcast 83: The Bad Batch Replacements and Cornered!

Sal, Liz, and Lizzy talk The Bad Batch Episodes Replacements and Cornered!

Everything from wait I have more to say on Saleucami, please be nice to Wrecker, the Winter Soldier, Task Force 99, Jerk special forces guy, Omega is Hunting, good soldiers follow orders, genetic material, new room, Replacement Killers, YOU KNOW WHO ELSE WAS ON PANTORA, again Wrecker is NOT dumb, Echo for sale, voorpak society, Omega can’t go to a con, Fennec finds, speeder chasin, CLINK TO THE RESCUE, and headphones aqualish!

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Click here for Rogue Rebels Podcast Bad Batch Spotify Playlist!



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