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Rogue Rebels Podcast 72: Into the Dark with Emily Lind!

Sal talks with special guest Emily Lind (Canto Bight Dispatch/The Pop Culture Hour/The Fan and The Furious) about The High Republic: Into the Dark!

Everything from my Gossip Girl source, bookish Jedi, padawan parties, GEODE IS THE BEST, Space Matthew McConaughey, space greenery, Detective shenanigans, underground Sith stuffs, easy Jedi riddles, Emily LOVES Star Wars Rebels, Jedi council side eye, slavery and servitude, Nihil in numbers, the Drengir, all heel breaks loose in space, G E O D E, the Barash Vow, FBI, wayfinding, and finding your OWN path!

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Tweets: @eflind




Sal’s Review is here!

The High Republic: Into the Dark is available now!



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