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Rogue Rebels Podcast 71: Star Wars: Squadrons with Zoe Hinton!

Sal talks with special guest Zoe Hinton from Star Wars Geek Girl about Star Wars: Squadrons!

Everything from Oregon Trail trauma, Star Wars Geek Girl updates, pictures and stickers, ancient flight sims, fleet battles, starfighter options, customization even for Imperials, too fast too furious, Lindon Javes, propaganda scenes, freedom of choice, the VR experience, build your own starfighter rig, Thrawn appraising art, Keo is the best, please sir I cannot drift, Hera Syndulla, Project Starhawk, Anvil Meteor and Hail, Admiral Sloane, engineers are the heroes, blast wave ride, The Light You Bring and Count to Three, once again Keo is the best, and somehow Shen is the best, and OF COURSE HERA IS THE BEST!!!

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