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Rogue Rebels Podcast 68: Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple Comics with Rashad Qasem!

Sal talks with special guest Rashad Qasem about the Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple comic series!

Everything from mimicry, monster truck announcing, Sims who can’t go to Batuu, surprise Axel candy, Sal is not a doctor, Jedi: Fallen Order is awesome, BD-1 is the best thing ever, Eno Cordova, Cere Junda, The Second Sister, judging trandoshans by their cover, bookworm Jedi problems, aloof CEOs, deadpan Threelo, the mysterious Zeffo, knighting a Jedi, questionable master, dope art, Ithorian and Sullustan, and gun Falcor with legs!

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and the Bad Motivators Patreon Show Seismic Charges!

Check out Sal’s favorite moments from Jedi: Fallen Order: Dark Temple!



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