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Rogue Rebels Podcast 65: LEGO Holidays and Bring on 2021!

Sal and special guest Zoe talk about the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and some other notable 2020 memories!

Everything from morning podcasting, tip yip, Star Wars Resistance, the return of Boba Fett, Texas Rodriguez love, Quinlan Vost, costume pieces, HBO, Cobra Kai, hello there, Jedi training, LEGO Palpatine is the best Palpatine, Life day feast, half Maul, anthologies, characters we miss, used bookstores, lovely music, Ghibli movies, HIGH REPUBLIC HYPE, all the Fennec, double productive, Thrawn, queens and their perils and gambits, Visions, underworld stuffs, Boba’s code, The Bad Batch, Sims on Batuu, and sipping spotchka!

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