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Rogue Rebels Podcast 49: Clone Wars Series Finale with Johnamarie Macias and Ma!

Sal, Lizzy, Axel, and Liz talk with special guests Johnamarie Macias and Ma from The Geeky Bubble about the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 FINALE Episodes Shattered and Victory and Death!

We talk about everything from a Duolingo, Spanish Hondo, the Clone Wars best arc ever, Kevin Kiner’s haunting music, Helmetless Ursa Wren, Mando culture, illegal Jedi box, 100-year-old treaties, Boba head canon, goodbye Bo-Katan, Dooku’s dead, Maul’s muzzle, tone poems, Order 66, Maul’s bad dreams, hesitation, Mando Ahsoka fashion is the best, Rex and Ahsoka focus, Johna’s husband compromised, Fives saved them, lethal distraction, final boss Maul, the droids, quick surgery, Axel with the 501st shock, pieces from the Ahsoka book, the Clone Tower of Terror, Rex with tears, droids and their reflections, the mystery moon, Y-wings are only cool sometimes, the helmets, the epilogue, and a little more Dark Disciple begging!

Be sure to follow all things Johna at TheWookieeGunner.com


and @Geekybubblepod

and Ma at @Whovian214



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