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Rogue Rebels Podcast 37: Star Wars Resistance Finale – The Escape!

Sal, Liz, Axel, and Lizzy talk about the Star Wars Resistance Season 2 FINALE Episode The Escape!

Everything from La Resistance, Blurrgfires, Blurrgs, Blurgg-1120, dude road trip, Little Caesars, Bravo Farms, Kaz and Kaz memes, return to Aeos, 5L, Ezra hair, Kaz with dexterity, Boss Nass, awkward codes, Castilon, elbow to sleep, daddy-daughter moments, WHY CAN’T WE LEAVE RUCKLIN, Doza’s meeting, Jade Squadron, CB-23, return home, fake spoilers, Christopher Sean, Suzie McGrath, Kristen Baver, facetime with Buff Kaz, representation matters, who believed in Tam, and chapter 7 HEYHEEEEEEEEEEY!!



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