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Rogue Rebels Podcast 34: Star Wars Resistance – The Mutiny!

Sal and Lizzy talk with special guest Zoe From Star Wars Geek Girl about Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode The Mutiny!

Everything from the voice of an angel, Rouge Rebels, reading lists, glitches, the lost geek girl episode, a prison of his own making, meeting with Ithano, look around the corner Synara, Echo can’t escape, throwing people in a box, the real cap’n, the streets of Vandor, battle droids, RO-GR, Sal’s favorite Freemaker moment, maclunky ringtone, it was Neeku the whole time, peer pressure Neeku, First Order contracting, masked characters, a 30-second look forward, flying seafood, The Rise of The Fireball, senior trust, and Zora feet!

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