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Star Wars Geek Girl Panel at SWCO

Friday April 14th at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Zoe and Lizzy presented their Star Wars Fan Girls; Star Wars Geek Girls panel! For those who weren’t able to attend here is the full video from their Facebook page! Listen to the girls have a wonderful conversation with their fans about Star Wars, being a teen, bullying, Sabine, Lothcats, siblings, and sharing their friendship and love of Star Wars with everyone!

Thanks to Marty Miller, Dan Heisey, Johnamarie Macias, Andy Wolf, James Welsh, Sarah Welsh, and everyone else who came out and supported Lizzy and Zoe. If you were at the Panel, please post up your comments!! …and if you weren’t, watch the panel and feel free to post up as well!

Thanks to Mary Franklin for letting the girls do their first Panel.


You can find the podcast on iTunes as well so please subscribe and review!

Check out their FB page here

@SWGeekGirl on twitter


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