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Make Sure Your Rogue One Tickets Help Out Charity!


Atom Tickets and have teamed up to help raise donations for the Starlight Children’s Foundation through Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ticket sales. Every ticket sold  via the app using our promo code will have Atom Tickets donating one dollar to the Starlight Children’s Foundation on our behalf. Every user that signs up for the Atom Tickets app via our link will amount to a dollar which we will donate as well. On top of that Atom Tickets is throwing in  a $5 gift  which will save you money on your purchase.

The code:


The link:

On This Episode…

Randy, Jason, and Sal talk Carrie Fisher, Ahch-To, Williams and Episode VIII, Rogue One, Rogue One Score, Star Wars Rebels and Saw, kids, and Han Solo!

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